We will be working as paranormal investigators for a TV show and streaming video on August 18th-19th.

I intend to update this page as the investigation progresses.
August 2008!
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Find the Ghost!

Sonya Lee.  This is in the Miner's Cabin in the south bedroom.  2003 Sonya Lee caught a very good EVP while seated exactly where you see her in this picture.  She asked "How many spirits are in this cabin" and a man's voice answered "Twenty five."  Click on the image for a larger view.

This is the bed where I slept that night and two ghosts making a LOT of noise woke me at 4am!  I was awakened by the sound of a door slamming at the north end of the building.  I heard heavy footsteps.  I watched as the footsteps came near my bed I heard a man say "Shush, don't wake him."  And the footsteps continued past the foot of this bed and vanished.
Standing in the kitchen looking south into the south bedroom you will notice my HI-8 camera on the table beside the TV.  I left it running when I went to sleep because this camera would run for 2 hours on a tape.  When the ghosts woke me around 4am I checked to find the camera had all ready hit the end of the tape.  Needless to say it didn't capture anything of the event.

Click on the image to see larger picture.
Door Slammed!
Here we are looking into the kitchen from the south west door near the sofa.  The bed is to the right at the bottom.  This is where I was sound asleep when the ghosts woke me around 4am.  The footsteps moved from the kitchen right past the foot of my bed toward the door.  The entrance to the Yellow Jacket mine is just outside to the west of the this building.
From the Grand Room downstairs at the Gold Hill Hotel Laura captured what first appears like a lens flair that appears and goes up the stairs.  We've gone over this many times trying to figure it out.  The one thing that stands out and can't be explained is the fact that lens flairs do not move behind objects.  This orb goes behind the post as it goes up the stairs and vanishes.  We were not able to reproduce this effect.  Click on the image to see larger animation.
This is a close up of all three windows on the north side of this segment of the building where the apparition was captured in the first picture at the top left.  I didn't see any ghosts in this picture but it will give you some perspective what the windows look like.

Click on the image to take a closer look at the windows.
Paranormal investigator, author, director and videographer Bryon Smith of Loose Canon Productions returns to Virginia City and Gold Hill for a brand new investigation.
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