There's an enormous amount of work that must be done to pull this show back together and make it happen.

The following file is straight from a notes page we are making to answer questions for everyone concerning paranormal things.  It is not well organized yet and still in rough draft.  We intend to answer as many questions as possible.  We intend to answer questions others have asked but were never answered.  We also intend to explain a few things we have never seen explained on other paranormal shows.  Please send questions to bryon(at) Just change the at to an "@".

Notes for Spooky Places Script

Who's Afraid of Ghosts?
I had someone ask me the other day if I had ever had a ghost scare me.  The answer of course is "Yes I have!"
The first ghost to scare me literally out of the building was when I was a teenager I went to spend the night in a new house my dad had bought.  I heard footsteps inside the house even though I had locked it and when I opened the door from the bedroom to the living room the footsteps stopped in the center of the room.  Seeing no one there I slammed the door closed and locked it.  The footsteps came to the door, I looked under the door to see there was no one there.  When the door knob turned I jumped out the bedroom window head first.

I came back the next day and spent the night after that and listened to the footsteps but I did not leave.  I waited to see what the sounds would do.  Yes I was creeped out but not frightened away.

While doing Ghosts of Piper's in 2003 we spent the night in the very haunted Piper's Opera House.  While walking behind the curtains alone in the dark I felt a presence behind me very clearly.  I turned and no one was there.  I walked slowly using my camera looking for ghosts and the presence was clearly behind me.  I turned around in circles and it was always a presence to the north of me.  This is a method I use to determine if it's just me or if there is a spirit present and where it is located.  Since I could face the north and know the presence wasn't behind me anymore but in front of me I can be fairly sure the presence is real and which direction it is from me.

While spending the night in the very haunted Miner's Cabin at the Gold Hill Hotel we caught a very good EVP that told us there were 25 spirits in the cabin.  We went to bed and at 4am I was awakened by the very loud slamming of a door.  I woke, looked around and heard footsteps moving toward me.  A man's voice said "shush, don't wake him."  The footsteps passed the foot of my bed.  Very creepy but I did not leave.  I did get up to see if the ghosts had awakened my team, but they were sound asleep.  The door slamming came from their end of the building.  I went back to bed.

Dust Orbs vs Spirit Orbs

Many of the best haunted locations are dusty and that means they also have dust orbs.

Since cameras of various kinds have been capturing orbs people want me to tell them if their picture has a real spirit orb or not.  It's very difficult to tell from most still images if an orb is a dust orb or a spirit orb.

Dust orbs appear very close to the camera lens.

Dust orbs are propelled through the air by air currents and electrical charges including light sources.

If the camera moves a tiny bit in one direction the orbs will move dramatically in the opposite direction.

Camera Clip: Show this effect in real time and slow motion.  Best shots in Washoe Club I think.  Dust has been edited and ready for this segment.

        When we first began paranormal investigations we were lead to believe that all orbs were ghost or spirit orbs.  After our trip to Virginia City, NV we captured so many orbs we began to wonder if there could actually be that many ghosts in any given place.

Photo:  Shot with 100's of orbs.

        We learned that not all orbs are ghost orbs, in fact most are not.

        Watch video of some of these dust orbs and the motion of the camera.

        How can you tell if an orb is dust or spirit?

        If an orb isn't' affect by the movement of the camera.

        If an orb is behind or moves behind an object or person more than a yard from the camera.

        If an orb on video clearly and deliberately moves through a doorway.

        If an orb flashes like a heartbeat.

NOTE: When telling the story of the glass that flies off the shelf at Gold Hill bar use image Bar 36- 40.

NOTE: In the grand room when talking about the dead body found under the floor use Grand Room 41-42


We believe that spirits use lights in much the same way they use white noise to help create EVPs.  If all the lights are out there is no light source for them to draw upon.  There is no light to block or shadow to cast when no one is there.

Sometimes a little light is required to see a manifestation.

Light is required to see a shadow manifestation.  I saw a full bodied shadow apparition in full daylight within arm's reach for nearly 10 seconds.

Likewise our investigators like to see where they are walking.  If someone gets hurt it takes all the fun out of it.

A glowing spirit orb that is visible can frequently be seen when there is some light in the room.

Shadow Entities:

Can shadow entities be evil spirits?  Yes.

Are all shadow entities evil spirits?
  I don't think so.

I believe that sometimes spiritual energy moves across the light spectrums and as it does it may produce peculiar effects.  We may see a mist one time and an apparition and shadow entity the next.   The camera may see this effect in one way while our eyes may perceive it in another.

Ouija Boards:

Very bad idea.  While trying to communicate with the dead using certain methods people attract demon entities who love to pretend to be the ghost of dead humans.  I've had my own personal experiences when I was young and finally realized it was a bad thing.  The more we used it the more strange things happened until very strange bad things were happening all around us.  We finally burned ours and I've not used one since.  I have talked and heard stories from others who used them and attracted all kinds of bad spirits. 
The story The Devil in Connecticut was based on a true story that started with a teenage girl using a Ouija board.  During that case rocks literally rained out of the sky upon this house and property and was witnessed by police officers.

UFO's:  Yes you can ask about UFO's.

Are they real?  Yes they are.  I've stood within a few yards of a hovering UFO in 1970 on Rt. 100 in Pearl, IL.

Have I ever been to Roswell, NM?
  Yes we have and we interviewed people who were there in 1947 who either saw and handled dead aliens and pieces of the crashed craft or had a friend who told them they did.  Two of the people we talked with were Frank Kauffman MSP and Glen Dennis the mortician.  Frank said he was there when one of the crashed craft were found.  He saw 5 dead little people with ash colored skin.  They wore one piece uniforms with markings they could not identify.  Mortician Glen Dennis knew a nurse who worked on the base who said she saw a live badly injured alien being on an examination table.

Did these men describe different types of alien beings?
  Yes they did.

Does this tend to discredit either of them?
  Not really since we had reports that two UFOs or "Craft of unknown origin" were being sighted and tracked on the radar.  One report said the reason for the crash was the two craft hit each other and both crashed.  If this is the case then the odds that all the aliens and craft were brought to Roswell is likely.   It is possible the nurse saw one type of being while Frank and his friends saw the other type.

This entire website needs some serious work.  I'm trying to get so many things done.  I'm learning a new motion graphics and editing system Final Cut Studio 2 while working on graphics and clips for Spooky Places and other jobs.
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