In 1970 Pearl, IL on Route 100

two friends, Bryon Smith and "Butch" Allen were returning home from roller skating when they saw a UFO hovering over the power tower on the mine hill.
Bryon> On the side facing us there was a black area on the lower half of the disk.  It was narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. I take it this was the viewport.

Certainly they had seen us before when we chased them in the Charger, but this time we were in Butch's mom's car.  We were not chasing them or playing games with them like we had before.  And this time they flew right up to us to have a good look.  Or maybe to give us a good look at their ship.

We saw lights coming up from behind us on the highway and the UFO began to rise, moving south as it did until it was gone over the Old Pearl hill.

When they got to Bryon's house, his dad and sister were telling the others about seeing a strange light in the sky as they returned from the farm to feed the horses.  Yes they had been the vehicle that came up from behind when the UFO began to leave.

Both boys told their story about being within a few steps of the hovering UFO  in Pearl.

Knowing that alien craft and UFO's are real, Bryon began doing research into the subject.  Since then he's talked with and interviewed a wide number of those who have described UFO sightings, alien contact, and even alien abductions.  He's worked UFO investigations with the director of the New Project Blue Book, Mr. Bill Pitts.  He's been to Roswell, NM and interviewed several people concerning the 1947 Roswell Crash, including Glenn Dennis and Frank Kaufman.

Years later while eating at the Kampsville Inn with his dad, he was introduced to a man and wife seated at the next table.  The lady described a strange story telling how when her son was young he would tell them about taking rides with the "space men" in their flying saucer.  His parents chalked it up to an over active imagination and forgot about it.  The boy grew up, got married, and moved to the St. Charles area near St. Louis, MO.

The mother was waiting at home for her husband who was a trucker.  Suddenly the power went off to the house and a brilliant beam of light came down in the front yard.  Investigating, she found a brilliant deep dish UFO about 30 feet across hovering low over her front yard.  In a panic, she called her son who said...

Son> "Don't worry, mom, they are just looking for me and when they see I'm not there they will leave.  They won't hurt you."

Mom> "OMG! You mean you were telling the truth about the spacemen?"

Son> "Sure mom. I wouldn't lie to you."

In a few min. the UFO flew away, the power came back on, and her husband showed up.  She told her story but he said he never saw the UFO.

Here's where the story becomes even more interesting.  This all happened back in 1970 when Bryon and Butch saw the hovering UFO.  When it departed it went to the south.  This family lived near Hardin, directly south on Route 100.  It was the same UFO / flying saucer.

The lady said her son told her the spacemen looked just like we do except for their uniforms.  If you saw one of these guys on the street dressed like anyone else you wouldn't know who they are.  You couldn't tell them from anyone else.

In 1989 Bryon shot the video of the UFO conference in Eureka Springs, AR.  During this event a man by the name of Daniel Fry told of how he went for rides with the spacemen in their UFO.

Daniel said, "It was mundane actually.  The aliens looked just like we do except for their uniforms.  If you saw one dressed as we do you wouldn't know one of them if you met them on the street."

Daniel went on to say the inside the craft was very basic.  It looks nothing like something you would see in a space Sci-Fi movie like Star Trek.  Everything has a purpose.  Sure they had some impressive viewers but the controls and all were more like something built for the military, very basic.

Here we have two witnesses describing the same things and yet neither of them knew the other.  Neither had heard the other's story.

Most alien interviewees talk about seeing or being abducted by the greys.  It's easy enough to fabricate some kind of alien story when the witnesses can draw upon something someone else has said.  The following however is not quite as well publicized.

In the 1980s Bryon was standing outside a church building on A road in the Ozarks.  A young man approached him with a concerned expression and said...

Man> "Do you believe in UFOs and alien beings?"

Bryon> "Sure, why not?"

Man> "Because something happened to me and I have no one I can talk to about it."

Bryon> "What happened?"

Man> "A woman wearing a green flying suit had sex with me the other night then flew out the window up above the trees into a UFO.  Then she flew away.  I thought this was so fantastic it had to be a dream.  Then I realized I was standing looking out my open window at the night sky.  I wasn't dreaming!  It was real!"

A few years later Bryon met another young man who at that time also lived in MO but at another farm house who told a similar story.  These two men didn't know each other.

Young Man> "It happened when my brother and I were young, I was like 10 or so.  It was a hot night and we had no air-conditioning in our house.  My brother and I slept upstairs and it was always hotter up there.  I woke hearing our window fan fall from the window.  I got up to see.  I put the fan back into the window when I saw a man floating outside wearing a glowing green suit."

He said the being was humanoid but not human, the same thing the the other man described about the alien female.  She looked really similar to human but not exactly.  These beings couldn't walk down the street and pretend to be humans, except at the UFO convention at Vegas or Roswell perhaps.

Two similar stories is interesting but I'll throw in a third.  This story comes from two women in OK.

While working a UFO investigation with New Project Blue Book director Bill Pitts in Miami, OK the two interviewed a gymnasium full of people from the average person to police and fireman.

Two mothers in the same vehicle, mother and daughter, were taking their kids to a birthday party shortly after dark.  They saw a light come down out of the sky and land.  They said, "Let's go see what that is." And they went to find something blocking the rural road.  At first they thought it was a piece of farm equipment but as they came near they saw it was something else.

Woman 1> "It was some kind of craft.  It blocked the entire road.  It had lights on it.  Then when a door opened up in the side, two humanoid beings flew out wearing green flying suits!  I threw it into reverse backed up the road turned around and hit the gas!"

Woman 2> "The very next day our kids were playing in the back yard and mom and I were talking about what we had seen the night before.  Even the kids saw it.  Then we heard a helicopter flying low behind our house.  We ran out and there's this black helicopter watching our house!  We got the kids inside quick and locked the doors."

Woman 1> "We finally got the courage to call the Sheriff's department and tell them what was going on.  They came out and asked us a few questions then told us they had reason to believe that drug runners were using helicopters to deliver drugs to someone out here.  They didn't believe us."

Bryon> "Bill Pitts agreed with the Sheriff's department but I was the one who interviewed these two.  Certainly someone may have been making a drug drop from a helicopter.  The thing that gets me is these women were within yards of what ever that was parked in the road.  Certainly they knew the difference between a helicopter, a farmer's combine, and something they couldn't identify.  Next thing is their description of the humanoid beings in the green flying suits.  Oh yeah, I heard about them from two other men and I know not one of these people knew the others.  How do you make up something that's so like a story told by someone else at a different place and time?"

Is it typical for black helicopters to show up during or after UFO sightings?

Bryon > "Yes.  I have more stories to tell but one thing is certain - black helicopters, some large and some small, frequently show up during and after UFO sightings.  Not only that, jet fighters will appear and begin popping flares in an effort to distract the public and provide another explanation for the UFO sightings."

Interviewer> "Can you give some examples?"

Bryon > "Remember the Phoenix lights UFO case?  The bright white circular lights that appeared over the mountain range to the west of Phoenix, Arizona were over an MOA.  A military operations area.  They were in fact white phosphorous ground illumination flares dropped by an A-10 to get people to look toward the west.  They wanted cameras pointed toward the west instead of at the huge black UFO passing over their heads from north to south."

Interviewer> "A distraction?"

Bryon > "Both a diversionary tactic and an explanation for those who didn't see the real UFO.  Nearly every time some program does a segment on the Phoenix Lights they show the flares as if they were the UFO.  To an experienced UFO researcher, it's a joke.  They know the truth and all this does for them is show how many people can see something explainable and swear it's a UFO.  It discredits the witnesses, makes them look stupid.  It's sad but that's how government disinformatoin works.  It's why the skeptics laugh at those who say they saw a UFO.  For some reason the news media will prefer to show the flares with the caption UFO."

Interviewer> "Tell us another?"

Bryon > "I've told you some about the brilliant white deep dish UFO we saw and chased near Pearl, IL. This UFO was so consistent it came down the IL river between 11pm-2am 3 and 4 times a week.  We had seen it so many times we would wait up for it just to chase it.  In time it didn't  show up anymore and a few years later numerous brilliant colored UFOs about 10 feet across began appearing in the night sky in the same area."

Interviewer> "Witnesses?"

Bryon > "Multiple witnesses.  These things were sighted mostly by farmers or people who lived on farms in both Pike and Calhoun county.  Missy, Butch's sister, married my cousin, Randy Campbell.  She was at  their house when one of these flew down and hovered over a corn field near her yard fence.  She called Butch to come see but it flew away before he could drive from Pearl to her house.  As she described the UFO they were standing in the yard when three of them flew out of the north down low over their heads up over the hill to the south and one went east, one went west, and the other flew on to the south."

Interviewer> "And the military sends in the jets to investigate the UFOs?"

Bryon > "Sure they did.  Popping flares to get people to look the other way.  So Butch said 'I spent 30 years in the Air Force and I've seen everything they have and I never  saw a flare that could hover then fly away at high speed before.'"

Interviewer> "What did the news say about it?"

Bryon > "They said there were no UFOs, just military jets doing a training mission, popping flares and such.  I read the news articles they printed in the paper for that event. I wish I had a copy to show you now.  So yes there were jets and flares and yes there were UFOs or craft of unknown origin also visiting the area."

Rosswell, New Mexico 1947!
What happened in Roswell?  If you ask the people who were there you will get some conflicting stories.  Like Mr. Flipper's says, if a tree falls in the forest you will have at least 3 stories, one from the tree, one from you and one from me.

I went to NM looking for answers.  We spent one week in the Rudoso area branching out from there each day and included a trip to White Sands and the rocket museum in Alamagorda.  I spent a week in Roswell during their "Crash Fest" and while there had the opportunity to interview a few people including Glen Dennis and Frank Kaufman.

The stories told by each of these men are dramatically different.  Mr. Dennis says the beings were little gray things and one of them was alive.  But he admits his friend the nurse saw them and he didn't.  He saw wreckage in the back of a truck that had come from a crash site of some kind.

The story told by Frank Kaufman tells where the crash site was that he helped clean up.  He says "that's not where the tour bus takes people either."  He said the beings were not grays they were little people with ash colored skin.  He said "there were five dead little people."  He was at the crash site and transported wreckage of a "Craft of Unknown Origin" and the dead bodies of the aliens.

Since the stories were so dramatically different it came down to the idea one of them had to be wrong, or lying.  The truth of the mater is more complex.  Both men were sincere and I had no inclinations either was being deceptive.  I had to figure it out and this is what I came up with.

Everyone wondered what caused the little UFO to crash, some said it must have been hit by lighting, but that's not what happened.  Yes there was terrible storm but there were two UFOs not one.  There were two crash sights not one.  The two craft collided with each other during the storm and they both crashed.  One on Mac Brasel's sheep farm.  This was the one with the crescent shaped ship with the blue glowing cells on the bottom.  The other crashed in the Lincoln forest.  This one contained the grays and one of them was still alive.

The government deals in secrets and the method they use to do this is what I call "compartmentalizing." 
There were not one recovery team but two and neither knew of the other's existence at that moment in time.

Both ships and alien occupants were brought back to Roswell Army Air Base at completely different times.  Neither saw the other.

Both men are telling the truth about what they witnessed.

UFO Page 2->
Pulling off the highway they got out standing in front of the car they watched as the UFO approached.  Sure Bryon had seen it before, he had chased it in his 1970 Charger R/T with his friends Bim Shanks and Danny Baldwin.  They had been fairly close to it a few times but not this close.

The UFO flew up in front of Bryon and Butch hovered a few feet above the highway and a few short yards in front of them.

It was a "deep dish" flying saucer perhaps 30 feet across, brilliant white to look at but only a soft glow could be seen on the leaves of a nearby tree.

"I can tell you it wasn't swamp gas reflecting the light from the planet Venus." Bryon said.
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Bryon> "People ask me sometimes what's going to happen.  I study dreams of all kinds but focus mostly on the ones that seem to be prophetic.  I write them down, I try to track them and over the years I've discovered some interesting and frightening things can be gleaned from them."

Bryon> "I saw both the Shuttle disasters before they happened.  I had the dreams written down and dated previous to the events.  I don't work for NASA or have any inside contact with anyone at NASA.  A university doing dream research had more than 2000 people contact them who had dreams of the first shuttle disaster.  How is it that someone who has no physical contact with NASA can have dreams of future events? I'm sure there is a reason but the mainstream Ph.D.'s who study this phenomena say it's not possible.  Since it's not possible they have no other explanations for it.  Yet still it happens."

While doing a show in Vegas dealing with the paranormal they were eating at The Hard Rock Cafe when a friend, fellow author and physic medium told him.

Medium > "I see you have been abducted by aliens.  What can you tell me about that?"

Bryon> "I can't tell you anything because I don't remember it.  I can say I have a few spaces in the past where I have missing time but I think I might explain some of those."

Medium> "Can you give me an example?"

Bryon> "Sure, i was driving home real late at night and coming onto the Milton Prairie about 7 miles from home and the next thing I knew I was waking up at daylight in the driveway at home with my head upon the steering wheel. I had no memory of driving home that night.  I blamed it on highway hypnosis."

Medium> "Strange dreams with aliens perhaps?"

Bryon> "Certainly I've had strange dreams with aliens, alien ships and spaceships in them.  I've stood within a few steps of a hovering disk in real time.  I know they are real."

Medium> "Anything else?"

Bryon> "I had one that was very vivid where I was inside a big room on a spaceship and floating in front of me was a 3D image of our galaxy.  I walked around the room wondering where in the world I was then approached the hologram.  This was years ago you understand but there in front of me looked like a realistic image of a very large galaxy just floating over a table as big as life.  I asked 'where are we' and suddenly areas of the image illuminated.  On the outer rim next to me was a star that began to glow differently.  Until then I had no idea where our solar system was in our galaxy.  Then suddenly several more lit up all across the hologram.  'What is that?' I asked.  'These are systems that have life in them as you understand it.'  Holy molie!  'I woke, drew a picture of what I had seen and set out to learn what I could.  I discovered a book having an image of our location in the galaxy and it was correct.  If that is correct then what about the other's?"

Medium> "You should write a book about it."

Bryon> "I guess I should, but I've had so many experiences and with other people's interviews it would take awhile to write."
Yes Bryon is an author having written and published 6 novels of the Megan Martin series and 3 novels in the Ember Reign series self published E-Books in PDF and MP3 format.  It takes about a year sometimes longer to write edit and get a novel ready to be published.  It took him 2 years to find an agent and 2 more years to find a publisher!  Then after publishing the 6 novels for Megan Martin the publisher goes out of business and all the books go out of print.

It's enough to make an author want to quit writing.  In fact some of the things that happened during that time to the Megan Martin books were so unlikely it seemed as if "something" was out to get him.  One example is when the very first "Megan Martin - The Underworld" came out with his cover on it and a llisbian porn novel inside!

What makes the Megan Martin and Ember Reign novels different from other novels?

Bryon > " I take things from real life  that either happened to me or someone I know and write it into the novels as fiction or science fiction.  Sometimes these truths are far enough out there it would be difficult for some to believe.  As a result they write better as science fiction. I say let the reader enjoy the story first and if they become curious about what's fact and what's fiction they can ask me.  If they ask the right questions I will certainly tell them the answer."

Bryon certainly writes every day things that happened to him as a kid like when he was walking through the hog lot on the farm to his grandpa when he stepped on a rusty nail.  It happened to him but in the novels it happens to Megan.  The Martin farm in his novels is based on the Smith farm in Pike County, IL near Greenpond.  In the novels it's the Martin farm and Peaceful Pond.

Bryon takes the elements of the paranormal and UFO/alien related and writes them into his novels.  He's discovered things about both phenomena that many fail to realize.  One of these being the connection between the paranormal/supernatural and UFO / alien related things.

Bryon & The Griffin 1989
I kept a dream journal at the headboard of my bed for years until I bought a voice recorder to replace the tablet with.  I recall one night I had a dream and heard a voice speaking telling me I would meet a strange man having strange ideas about UFOs and the beings behind them.  Then I saw a paper open in front of me and the second paragraph lines illuminated and I read it.

"Ask him to give you a sign from heaven so that you will know who sent him."

I wrote down the dream pushed it back on the shelf and went back to sleep.  When I woke I had forgotten about the dream.  One week later I was shooting the UFO conference in Eureka Springs, AR when during a break a strange man approached and began talking to me almost like I was a long lost friend.

He said his name was Ray Griffin and he began telling me how I was going to Fyffe and Rainsville, AL to talk with two reporters there named Susan Stockman and Terri Baker.  The more he told me what I was going to do the crazier I thought he was.  If someone else approached he would stop speaking and the moment they left he would begin again right where he left off.

During one of these breaks we were standing in the hallway and he was telling me what was going on in Gulf Breeze, FL was real but was not what it appeared to be.  Then he said what was happening in the Fyffe, AL area was important and I was going to investigate it.  A short wide lady walked up in front of us and stood there looking at me.  Several others stood next to her without a word.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

Lady> "Excuse me sir but will you be speaking at this event?"

"No, I'm just the videographer.  Why do you ask?"  I answered.

"Because I can see your aura and I can tell you know more about this subject than anyone else here."  The lady answered.

I looked at the strange man standing to my right to see him smile and nod and I made my way down the hall to the bar more convinced than ever these people were all out of their tree.

I returned home to  have another powerful night vision in which I was standing on my back porch at the house where I grew up looking toward the west.  I saw a wall of fog appear and in the fog I saw a living light.  Brilliant white fluid light moving in the fog.  Then it broke apart, a part of it went into the sky formed the shape of a saucer and darted off toward the south west. I looked back into the fog to see a shape with a symbol on it glowing brilliant white.  I woke and said "I'm going to Alabama."

As I wrote the night vision down I noticed the dream above it and realized that Ray Griffin was the man the dream had foretold.

I packed up my production equipment, got a friend to go with me and we headed out toward Rainsville, AL in my little black dodge D-50 pickup with the camper shell on it.
We met with Susan and Terri at the Rainesville Post
Office and they told us their story, how they met Ray Griffin, and the things that followed.

Finding them among the people gathered in the farmer's field waiting for the UFO, Ray told them it would not be seen tonight.  He gave them instructions where to go if they wanted to have an encounter with these beings.

On a following night the reporters were parked at the edge of a field with their cameras ready when something completely unexpected happened.

Terri > "A spirit descended around us. The sound was like if you dumped a trailer load of gas on a parking lot then threw a match into it."

The women quickly climbed back into their car and drove to the firehouse in Fyffe, leaving their cameras in the field.

Susan showed me pictures she took of the triangular UFO and described it as being as large as a football field.

Susan> "I was seated in my living room listening to the police scanner as I often do since I am a reporter.  The dispatcher said there had been an accident just down the highway from Dutton and I jumped up to go get the story.  I drove all the way to the school at the highway that goes to Rainesville when I realized there was no accident on this highway."

She got out of her car and stood beside the highway. It was around 5pm and there was no other traffic in sight.

Susan> "I looked toward the east and I saw the UFO come up from a low area behind some trees on the far side of this field."  She pointed.  "It was huge, as big as a football field.  It had glowing orbs hovering off the points but they were not attached to the craft.  It hovered there in front of me for a full five minutes then it went back behind the trees and vanished."

Susan returned home and asked her husband, then mayor of Dutton, if he had heard the location of the accident.  He said, "I didn't hear any accident reports."  She insisted that he had to have heard it but he said there was no accident.  She called the police station and they confirmed there had been no accidents during that time.  Then why did she hear an accident report and go off and forget her camera while going to investigate it?

There was only one answer and that was the beings in the large midnight blue UFO wanted her to get a close up look at their craft without her taking any photos of it.

They told me about the strange things that had happened to them since having contact with the strange beings of the UFO.  Susan would sometimes wake to find a tall hooded being standing at the foot of her bed.  Then it would move across the room, go through the wall, and vanish like a ghost.  Another night she felt a burning on the calf of her leg and looked to find a triangle inside a circle.

Terri said she saw a news report where a city official had died and told Susan to get on it only to find out the official had not died.  Exactly 24 hours later they saw the same TV news again only this time the city official was dead.  They had seen something that had not happened yet, exactly 24 hours previous to the actual event.

I told them of my dreams telling me I would meet Ray and to ask for a sign from heaven and all.  I never told them what the sign was and they didn't know.  The moment I returned home the phone rang and it was Ray.  He asked me what the symbol was that I saw and I said, "Why don't you tell me."  And he did.

How is it that he could have known what I had seen in a night vision when I had not told anyone?  There's only one answer and that is the beings of the UFO revealed the same things to him.

Then Ray asked me, "Do you know what the UFO is now?"

And I said, "It's the flagship for the Great Elders."

He said, "You're on the right track."

I was a little bit off, it's not the flagship for the Great Elders but it is a Great Elder's - "Delta Class Lightship."  You see the Great Elders come in sets of 12 and there's more than one group of them cruising the galaxy.

When they come to earth, I am notified in a night vision of their arrival.  About a year or so ago, I would need to look at my dream journal, I was told a set of Great Elders were returning to earth with a great host of the heavens.  I saw their ships hidden in the clouds.  That simply means they are here but cloaked so we can't see them.

Not long ago a young man in Australia sent me an Email telling me of a powerful dream he had where he looked up at the night sky and saw 9 brilliant stars forming 3 triangles.  He had no idea the meaning of the dream but instantly I knew.  The three bright stars forming the triangle is one of the symbols of the Great Elders.  Their ships will stand on end and the glowing orbs at the points will become bright white.  His message was saying that two more sets of great elders were on the way to earth.  The last time there were three sets of great elders in the area of earth was during the crucifixion of Christ.

What does it all mean?  And coming at this time so near 2012?  It means something big is about to happen, or is in fact happening now.  We turn on the news and we see disasters of all kind taking place all over the world.

Bryon > "Now and then Ray will send me a message, every few years or so.  Says he's been watching my websites and wants me to know he's still around.  He never says where however.  For all I know he's up there with the Great Elders or some of their people.  He signs them 'The Griffin.'  But I know it's him.  He said the Great Elders were involved in a great awakening here on earth. Letting people know they exist and that's not all. The dark side of this story also exists."

This is but a fraction of one side of the story.

Graphic of Delta Class Lightship