First 10 min of Bryon's talk at the UPO.
We were north east of Indianapolis, IN.
June. 22-23rd, 2009

The shadow man has been reported inside and outside the house and has drawn the attention of the neighbors!
After being turned down by another team of professional investigators we decided if they won't help then we will. 

I'm sorry the TV professionals let our friend down.  We will have more on this trip later as time allows me to update the site.
There's a fun ghost story in the Ember Reign novel series.

Cameras will be rolling as we bring the team together again!

The orignal Spooky Places team is getting together again this year on July 16th-17th at the world famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO.

T shirts and hoodies available now at...

There's at least two more links for other shirts and gifts but Lori has them and she's on our group on Facebook.  Join us on Facebook for more info.

Extra! We are to be joined by #1 Psychic Medium Vickie Gay at this event!

More info soon to come right here.  For more details join us on Facebook in the Spooky Places group.