I've been going through many hours of video and audio files.  I'm finding some interesting things and some nice EVPs.

Click on the picture to the left to listen to an EVP where the ghost answered before the question was asked.
Yes we know there are some lens flairs in these pictures but when you watch on video you can see the difference.  Now the full length 1 hour 4 min streaming video from this camera is on line at the link at the top of the page.  I'll try to get some of these clips in a larger straming format on here soon.

There's an orb in the two pictures to the left.
The top picture has the orb to the right of Kathy's head.  This was taken from a video and the orb moves toward then vanishes behind her head.  I'll try to get a streaming video out here of these two orbs.

The second orb appears moving toward Kathy as well and vanishes just before it reaches her arm.

If you click on the images you can see a larger image so you can see the orbs.  Or watch the video below to the left.
This is the actual EVP that goes with this graphic button.
This audio was taken by the camera boom microphone on Bryon's new HD camera.  We call these "Camera EVPs."  It appears there are three answers to this question "Did somebody die here."  The second is so clear with my headphones on I was convinced it was Victoria's voice but the moment the player stopped she said "did I hear someone say 'yes'" so it wasn't her it was actually on the EVP recorder that was playing when this was taken.

See exactly what it looked and sounded like as it happened on this video to the left.
Did Somebody Die Here?
MP3    WMA(complete)

Video of the EVP above as it was taken.
This EVP segment has the orbs that move between Kathy and Vickie.
This EVP video segment shows the two orbs that move between Kinsey and Kathy.  It also shows the scarry door that closed by itself.  It didn't take Megan long to move back into our room!

The orb that moves behind Kathy's head is interesting because it vanishes at that point.  Dust orbs don't move behind things because they appear very close to the camera lens.
When entering the Myrtles Plantation you might not imagine the wonderland hidden behind the trees and foliage along the highway of north Saint Francisville.

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford the plantation has seen several owners and its share of bloodshed, death and historical events.

The Myrtles claims residency of at least 12 ghosts none more famous than the servant known as Chloe.  People travel 100s and sometimes 1000's of miles to visit the plantation house to experience the ghosts for themselves.
My wife and I had the opportunity to spend a night at the Myrtles Plantation for an investigation.  We discovered that everyone who stayed at the B&B for the night seemed to be more interested in the ghosts than they were in sleeping.  Some of them remained up all night long leaving in the morning without one moment of sleep.

The one thing everyone has in common when staying at the Myrtles is their interest in the paranormal.

We met all of the guests before dusk and some of them remained to help with our investigation.  We met a nice lady named Bonnie who was staying in the servants cabin on the lawn north of the main house.  She said she sensed her dead son Elvis was near and had made contact with her.  Several times she asked me to take notice of a cold spot that remained near her despite the breeze.  In fact I did feel the cold spot and sensed the energy of a spirit nearby but the EMF meter revealed only low readings in those locations.  Later however I experienced a freezing cold spot that settled upon my right elbow, a spot so cold that when the lady's felt my arm their hands felt very hot to me.  It was clear to all present that something of a paranormal nature was taking place.

Since we are discussing orbs on this page please notice the bright spot at the point of the arrow on the pictures to the left.  Dust and pollen orbs are most frequently photographed and many believe those dust orbs are ghost orbs when they are not.  A good paranormal investigator will be a natural skeptic and ready to debunk anything if they can.  When observing orbs in still photos I look for things that are not normal for a dust orb.

For example I know the breeze was blowing 5 to 10 mph from the south west.  Dust orbs appear and vanish quickly but this one bright orb not only remained but seamed to be following Bonnie around.  The top image was taken first and then the lower one, please notice the orb remains exactly the same distance from Bonnie in both images.  It was actually moving against the breeze.  These were taken about 5 to 10 seconds apart.

In the lower images please notice the bright odd shaped object that seems to appear near the ground.  It took us a few moments wondering what it was before we came to the conclusion it must be something blown from one of the many trees or flowers in the area.  This is not paranormal.  Please notice in the following image an object having the same shape at the first.

You can click on the images to get a larger picture.
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