Graceland is Haunted ! 6/30/2003 9:03 AM

Last Saturday, 6/28/2003 9:03 AM, Dawn, Laura, Kristy and I paid a visit to Graceland. Our thoughts were about Elvis and his life rather than about ghosts.  We went on the mansion tour first and moments after we entered the TV room in the basement of the mansion I sensed there was at least one perhaps two ghosts in the room.  It was as if they were watching the morning news but also as if they were watching us from just beyond the rope that prevents the tourists from actually entering the area where the sofas are.

I sensed a presence in the kitchen of the mansion and also in the dark but quite large living room in the back of the mansion.  At the top of the stairs just after coming up from the basement I paused.  I sensed the presence beyond the people.  I saw the indoor waterfall.  "What is it?" I asked myself.  Then the large round-shaped chair that was Lisa Marie Presley's favorite chair.  "Is it there?" I asked.  Slowly I turned and looked toward the larger sofa to my right on the south side of the room.  "There you are."  At that moment I heard someone tell me to get a move on, I think it was Laura.

They refused to allow us to go upstairs "out of respect for Elvis" since that was his private area and they said he never entertained guests up there.  That's where they stay, the ghosts of Graceland.  That's where they still remain private and away from the public.  It is just as well the people in charge of the tours keep the upstairs off limits to tourists.  But that's where I went in a dream last night.

DREAM of Graceland

I was lying in bed at home here when something began to call me.  I listened.  I looked in the direction of the voice, it was to the East.  I stood and in a moment found myself standing in the front area of the mansion, I'm guessing on the top floor.  I saw a large room to the south (my right as I stood facing the east.)  I had the strange feeling that's not exactly what it looks like up there.  There was something directly in front of me like a staircase that went up another floor higher.  To the right I heard voices of children. I looked and a small dark-headed girl came running around the corner and stopped the moment she saw me.  I guess she must have been around 6 years old.  I leaned down and began to speak to her when another little girl about the same age with lighter colored hair and slightly taller came running around the corner from the same place the first little girl came.  She also stopped, became still and watched me like I was a stranger in her house.  And I'm guessing I was.  The dark-headed girl said someone was in another area of the room, adults who were watching them.  She pointed, I stood and began to walk toward the northeast to the left of the thing that looked like a staircase.  I say that because I didn't really look directly at the thing to focus on it.

As I passed along a smaller area past a door on my left I could hear women's voices in the room beyond the corner. I stopped, turned around and faced East.  There was something there, something calling to me, but who or what was it? Where was it coming from? It was just a feeling drawing me to it. It was the same feeling I sensed as I laid in my own bed before being pulled back to the Graceland mansion.

There I could see the front of the building, like a window at the top of the big door downstairs.  To the left of the window was the two little girls watching me.  To my right was a door leading into a room.  That's where the thing was that was pulling me.  I went into the room. It was a bedroom, nothing fancy at all, in fact quite basic.  (Everything I saw in the Graceland mansion now is elaborate.) It was not there. I looked and saw another door in the north wall.  This one was narrow.  I opened it and went into an even smaller bedroom.
Again everything quite basic.  The single bed was covered with a white bedspread.  There was something on the floor in the north west corner of the room that held water and had a long odd looking top on it.  Perhaps it was a humidifier or vaporizer.  I could see where the water had spilled onto the carpet perhaps more than once since the thing had been placed there.

In the southwest corner of the room was an oldish wooden desk with a wooden chair.  Between the water thing on the floor and the desk was something rectangular like a picture or a window.  I looked around the simple room. I felt the presence was there but moving around me, watching me.  I sat down upon the bed and waited.  In a few moments it touched me causing me to experience a strange reaction.  I stood then became dizzy for a moment. I looked around the room and then saw the glowing form floating between me and the north wall at the foot of the bed.  "It's you who called me?" I asked.  It touched me again giving me the same feeling it had before but this time the dizzy feeling was not as strong.  The entity was trying to communicate with me but for some reason it did not speak.

Someone was sick in this room.  Someone may have died in this room.  I don't know who it was or who the entity was who was trying to communicate with me.  (Please understand that in dreams and night visions of different types the rooms themselves may not be represented as the human eye would see them but rather showing symbols intended to convey a message to the person/dreamer observing them.  The narrow door would then represent a restriction to that room or from that room or both.  Meaning only certain people were allowed in and or out of the room.)

The entity was trying to tell me something that it considered important.  I saw a man-sized form glowing but there were no features that I could recognize so as to know who the entity was.

I stood looking at the glowing form for a few moments until it faded away then I walked to the narrow door once again and looked back to see the form was gone. 

I went out the door and through the next bedroom.  The fact there were two bedrooms one after another may also be symbolic since I cannot imagine anything in the Graceland mansion being deliberately constructed to look like this.  This one was larger than the last one and had a king size bed in it.

I went out the door into the place I had been before.  The little girls were now playing in the south end of the building.  I could hear the women speaking in the east area.  I turned and walked to another open door and entered to find a younger women working at something in the east area of the large room.  A big table or something of that basic appearance ran along a few feet from the wall.  There was something on the wall. In fact it almost appeared like a kitchen area.  There was another window against the wall near where the younger woman was working.  At the far end of the table like thing was an older shorter woman with white hair.  She was seated in a rocking chair.

I stood with my arms in front of me clasping my hands and waiting silently for the women to notice me. I did not want to appear threatening at all but waited until the older woman looked up and saw me.  She nodded her head for me to approach.  The younger woman watched as I passed near her.

When I was standing near the older woman she asked me who I was and how I came to be there among them.  I told her I was at home and was transported there by an entity within the building.  I pointed in the direction of the little room I had been in previously.  She said "You were called and brought here then?"  And I said "Yes, I was. Someone here seems to want to say something to me.  Perhaps to deliver a message."  She nodded her head.  I began to tell her what I had experienced in that room.  Again she nodded her head.  She knew who the spirit was and why it had called me.  She acknowledged this to me and the fact that someone one had been sick in that room but did not give much for details so that I might understand why I had been brought here.

This is a very high-level informative night vision.  It is not what I consider a normal dream.  It contains real information.  It is a message from the supernatural realm.  I think the older woman with the white hair was Elvis's mother.  I think she's still there.  I don't know who the two little girls were or who the younger woman was.

I get the strong impression the entity who pulled me there was in fact the spirit of Elvis.  I feel he has unfinished business and is looking for anyone he can communicate his message to.  I think he sensed something about me while I was there that gave him the impression he might communicate with me.  Ghosts can see people's spiritual auras and can read a person's spiritual abilities very quickly.

Some believe Elvis O.D.'d on drugs and killed himself via that method.  Some think he did it on purpose.  I do not get that impression from this experience.  I feel he was sick and what happened to him may very well have been an accident.  The drugs he was taking were prescription drugs.  He knew he was sick and dying.  But there's something wrong with all this.  Something he knows now that he didn't know while he was alive.  Something that may be understood now by the medical people who are familiar with his illness and the real reason for his death.  They may know but I think they are not telling.

Yes, the drugs did cause his heart to stop.  They killed him.  I feel he would have been better off without them, or at least without certain ones of them.  Perhaps it was the mixture that killed him.  Perhaps it was two drugs that interacted that caused his death.  Perhaps the doctor had misdiagnosed Elvis and gave him the wrong prescription or too much of something.

My own mother died from taking prescription Tylenol (Acetaminophen) at the direction of her doctor.  People die now every day from taking Tylenol and yet the advertisements still say it's the safest pain medication on the market today.  Once in a great while you will see a news ad warning people about taking Tylenol beyond the warning on the label.  They tell the public of the dangers and how people die every day from taking the pain drug.  My sister in-law Sara nearly died from using diet products with Aspartame (NutraSweet) in them.  I had warned her about it but she didn't listen until she went into seizures while in an airplane headed for the East coast.  She went to several doctors who all misdiagnosed her problem until she found one lady doctor who knew the right question to ask.  "Do you use diet products" and she said "Yes I do."  And the doctor said "Don't, they are poison and they can cause all kinds of problems, and can kill you."  What I'm saying here is doctors make mistakes sometimes and people die because of it.  Chemical companies and drug companies are constantly spending millions to develop things for market, things to get your money and they are willing to look at it from the point of view.  "Sure, some people will die, but it's a sacrifice we are willing to make."

Whatever the case may be, I believe Elvis didn't intend to die, I think it was a mistake.  I believe he is still there trying to find anyone he can communicate with who he can convey his message or warning to.  I believe what ever the message is he feels it is worth remaining to try to convey that message to someone who can and will listen to him.  If I could I would go spend the night in the Graceland mansion and see if he would speak with me even in a night vision.  His spiritual energy is still there, I can feel him.  There are others with him, his mother I think is also there.  I think some who died even before he bought the mansion are still there.

I know there are a handful of psychics like Peter James who could speak with him if they were allowed to enter the building without a lot of other people jamming their frequencies.  Perhaps some all ready have but I have yet to find their story.  If anyone knows more about this I would love to hear what you have to say about Elvis and Graceland.  I would love to see pictures of the upstairs area of the mansion.  Until that dream last night I could have cared less about what was upstairs but now I know there is a "higher" message and there's a good chance that's why Elvis (or who ever that entity is) contacted me.

I would also love to hear Lisa Marie's story and get her view about what happened to her father.  I sense there is or was a great deal of pain and resentment with her concerning what happened to Elvis.  I also sense that he knows this and would like to communicate a message to her, perhaps just to say he's sorry.  Perhaps if she would give him closure or forgive him he could move on.  I have feelings I just can't quite put a finger on but I know there's more to the story than what the public is being told.  I know next to nothing about Lisa Marie Presley.  Before this I knew nothing about her.  I watched a video and listened to some of her music on line but that's all.

Copyright © 2003 Bryon Smith

Back to Graceland! Elvis was there! 7/16/2003 10:48 AM

I was standing with a small group of people in Elvis's TV room and I was standing out front in the room.  I said "I get the feeling that an animal, perhaps a dog, cat or monkey went to the bathroom on this carpet."  Everyone was glancing between me and the carpet now.  Then I said "I feel that at least two animals, perhaps different animals have gone to the bathroom on that carpet."

I heard a familiar voice from among the crowd and out stepped Elvis.  He said "What makes you think so?"  And I said "Just a feeling I have."  We stood there for a moment just looking at each other then I said.  "Am I right?"

Elvis walked out into the room in front of the three TV sets and pointed at the carpet and began to tell a story about the man who he bought the carpet from.  He told how the man had two different animals who had in fact gone potty on the carpet.  Then he pointed at a spot on the carpet and pulled out a black marker and began to write.  He said the man who he bought the carpet from named the carpet "Ramby" and Elvis wrote the name upon the carpet for everyone to see exactly where the animals had gone potty.

Then Elvis stood and faced me and said, "Since then I have always made it a point to know exactly who is in this room."

I feel certain the dream is speaking about Elvis but that it may also have some symbolic meanings.

Elvis was shades of gray while everyone else appeared in color along with everything else in the room.

I get the impression the name "Ramby" which I head spoken and also saw written is a combination of two animal names.  I think "Rambo" and "Bambi" but there's no telling since I did not hear or see those names during the dream.

The TV room at the mansion was the first room I sensed an undeniable presence in.

I think that perhaps this dream is a confirmation that I did in fact sense Elvis in that room.  That the presence I felt was in fact real and was in fact Elvis.  If that is the case then Elvis may be saying that he watches everyone who comes through that room now.

Who are the other people?  They are other people who are sensitive to or curious about the supernatural.  They also either believe Elvis's spirit is still there or they know he is still there.

My Night With Elvis 10/30/2003 5:04 PM

Once again I was called back to Graceland and there I found Elvis walking down the staircase from upstairs.  Then he went to stand in front of a mirror getting fixed up for something special and glad he could once again see himself in the mirror.  There was plenty of light, like daylight.  Elvis looked like he was about 25 years old.  I've never seen him look so fine or so happy.

He greeted me and thanked me for something I had done for him, though he never said what.  I touched him on the right shoulder and said "I can touch you!  I thought you were a ghost."   And he said "I was a ghost, but I'm not anymore."

He put on one of those low cut white silk shirts he liked so well.

We talked about a lot of things like long lost friends.  He even showed me some of his cute little marshal art tricks.  He stood toe to toe with me and then leaned toward me and said, "If someone's giving you a hard time and you think they want to fight you just stand toe to toe with them and get right in their face.  When they lift a foot to take a step backwards just push them backwards and they will fall down."  He thought that was so funny and he laughed and I laughed.

I woke, went back to sleep again and there I was again right there with Elvis and the night visions went on.  Then at the end he put on this beautiful purple leather jacket and showed me.  "How do you like my new jacket?" He asked.  "I like it fine." I answered.

Then he turned and started toward the door.  He said goodbye and when he opened the door the light flooded in and he vanished.

Back in the summer some of you recall me posting messages of some strange night visions I had about a ghost at Graceland.  I said that Elvis had unfinished business and that he wanted to tell his daughter Lisa Marie that he was sorry things didn't work out the way he wanted them to and that he still loved her.  I wrote up a thing about Graceland being haunted and posted that night vision on the Internet.

If I understand this right Elvis is thanking me for posting that message on line where Lisa Marie could find it.

He's not a ghost anymore.  He has a new body.  He also has a new purple jacket.  A symbol of royalty.  And he walked into the Light.  If this series of night visions means what I think it means it's saying that Elvis is no longer haunting Graceland.

Please understand these were powerful dreams that I call night visions and may or may not be 100% accurate and may also contain symbols that may not be correctly understood.  Each person may read and then make up their own mind what these dreams mean to them.
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