Still Having Some Doubt
In simple terms if you have any doubts that you can do the job it's better not to even try.  Find someone else who has done it before and knows how to help you.  Most of these people will do this as a service without charge.  If that person has to come far to help you and the service works it is good to at least help them with some of the expenses.  A donation is acceptable.

Now that you know this much from reading it here there's something a smart paranormal investigator will do before they go out to do anything dealing with the paranormal. You set up a protective fence all the way around your house, your family, and your vehicles.  If you don't know how to do this I will explain later.  At the very least pray that God will send His angels to protect you and your team.

1. You never know what you will encounter on an investigation.  While ghosts are fairly harmless there are other things that can be dangerous.  Even a ghost will follow you home sometimes but usually won't stay unless you invite them.  Generally a quick but stern "go home" will send them packing.  Demons or other evil spirits like sub-demons / gravelings, gremlins, etc will also follow you home and can be much harder to get rid of.  I posted a link to a video on here that shows what one of these things look like.  They are generally fairly small but they do grow as they feed upon people's energy and become stronger.

2. If your vehicle is protected from evil entities at least they can't ride home with you in your car.

3. If your house is protected if they do follow you home they can't come in the house and after while they will return where they came from.  The only way a spirit can enter a protected house is when they are inhabiting someone who is allowed into the house or vehicle.  And then they usually can't do much because the protection prevents them from leaving their host.

A poltergeist  or noisy ghost is generally not a ghost at all, it's a gremlin, graveling, or sub-demon.  Generally the gremlins and gravelings are the worst at making noise.  These things are all evil and you do not want them near you and I will tell you why.  Despite the fact they are noisy, mischievous, and destructive anything they see the demon that holds their leash can see and it's only a matter of time before something worse takes an interest in you.

There are those who teach that a ghost can't hurt you and this is also an incorrect teaching.  Generally ghosts won't hurt a person but a wraith or angry ghost can.  Sometimes just having their space invaded by the living is enough to set a ghost off on someone and they will scratch and or burn a person.

Many Are Called....

But few are chosen.  You hear them say, "In the name of Jesus, come out!"
Please understand I was raised in the Christian churches and most of what I teach here will be based upon that philosophy. I am also aware that not everyone falls into this category.  Native Americans for example will not be held to the same restrictions.  God knows who they are and does recognize people of other faiths who are true to Him even by another name.  The Indians for example may call God the Great Spirit.  There are historical accounts that indicated that Christ did in fact visit people in various places on earth and he was called by other names.

Some will come here, read these file,s and leave for one reason or another.  This file is for information only and mostly for those Christians who become involved in paranormal investigations or for those who are curious about how these things work and should be done.  I'm not interested in preaching to anyone in this group, that's not what it's for.  If this doc does not apply to you then disregard it.

Ever Been Good At Something You Don't Really Like?

I've read messages from people who say dealing with the paranormal or hunting demons is their passion.  I say, "Get a life people!"  For me it's something I was called to do.  There are a lot of other things I would rather do.  Anyone who's had evil entities in thier home threatening to kill them and their entire family. Anyone who's had these things destroying their home while they watched isn't going to think dealing with evil spirits is fun, it isn't and it isn't a game.

Anyone who's read my personal pages will understand. I only go if I'm sent or asked by someone to deal with a case. Hunting ghosts and dealing with the paranormal is not my first choice.  Though I do not get paid, it's more like a job. I'd rather be out on the river, fishing, flying, scuba diving, camping, writing just about anything else.  Don't misunderstand, I love old buildings and old things and the history that goes with them. I don't mind spending a night in a haunted motel, hotel, or mansion.  I enjoy that and watch for the friendly spirits to come greet me.  For some reason the really bad things like to avoid me and that's fine with me.  They seem to prefer using people they have some influence with to try to get at me.

In some cases I've actually watched as the evil spirits will move away from me. The ghosts will be attracted to me. Ghosts don't like evil spirits and when given a chance will move to places or near people to get away from bad things.

If I exorcise a demon out of a location you can be sure it will stay gone, unless someone else invites it back.  (So far that's not happened.) I've cast demons out of people, places, and closed portals and so far my success rate is 100%.  The worst location I've dealt with is the house I live in now, and it's been clean for at least 24 years.  Until we moved in here 28 years ago no one could live here.  These facts can be verified by witnesses including the man we bought the house from.

Smiling Faces  Full of the Joy of the Lord ?

Don't you love the door to door people, come to share their wisdom with you.  They have the "joy of the Lord" all over them.  Truth is the prophets of God wear their joy on the inside and seldom tell anyone who they actually are.  I've never known a real prophet of God to go door to door.  Real prophets always go with purpose because they were sent.  Most of the time God would send His prophets to places that could get them killed.  Just ask Jonah! Go there Jonah!  "AH, no, You can go.  If I tell them what you said they'll kill me!"  Let's face it, anyone who actually asked for this job isn't quite right.  I think I could have beat Jonah to the boat! :-)  Of course you know how that story ends.

It is a known fact there are people out here claiming to be people of God, preachers,  demonologists who are not at all skilled and some of them cause more harm than good.  Some claim they are fighting evil spirits and demons all the time.  Be warned those are the ones who are more likely to invite an infestation or possession than they are to cure it.  And these opposing sides will both point out what they see as flaws in the other.

In various places online and in churches I've been accused of having a demon and also of being of one of the churches of Satan/Devil. Nothing could be further from the truth.  I don't care much for telling people how I came to be here because it is a long strange story but I've posted parts of it in various places online where people can find it.  If someone asks I will either tell them part of the story or point them at one of those webpages.  I'm telling you this because even the favorite prophets of God were accused of consorting with demons and it was of course all a lie.  This is also known as blasphemy when someone accused the true people of God of crimes against God.

Among them you see the finger pointing and hear the words "false prophet!"  Without any gift at all you have about 95-98% chance of being correct.  Why? Because it takes all kinds. Not counting those who went who were never called by God there are a multitude who were called but not chosen who did go into the field thinking... "I was called by God, I can do no wrong."  God's not interested in those who can't listen or follow His directions.  So they go when God did not send them.  They honestly believe they are doing a good work for God and helping people but you can also be sure they have at least one serious flaw that got them disqualified and they are unaware of it.

What is the most basic thing a true worker of God must have?  Humility.  What is the most basic ability for a worker of God to have?  The ability to communicate messages to and receive messages from God, there are no exceptions.

So How Can You Be Sure ?

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

When it comes to people you must understand that God calls many people to serve Him but the many in the end will not be selected for one or more reasons.  The reasons involve their qualifications.  I'm not saying hundreds, I'm saying thousands of people are called by God for certain things and yet perhaps only one of them will be selected.  The calling for a prophet of God is as follows with no exceptions.

1. They must be called by God according to Numbers 12:6.  (I the Lord make myself known to them in a vision and I speak with them in dreams.)  A full blown waking vision is required.  Continued ability to communicate with God is also critical.

2. They must be humble, not proud, egotistical, or mean.  They know humans make mistakes and it's God who always gets the final say.  A proud person is not humble and God will turn His back on them and refuse to speak with them.  There are examples in the Bible where this happened and King Saul is one of them.  There are many examples in the world and in online groups today where egotistical people yell at each other and argue in the name of their God about what God wants and who they think they are.  If they were ever called you can be sure God's angels are watching but you can also be sure God is not talking to them either. If He's not talking to them they are not working for him, they are "doing Him favors."

3. They must use wisdom, compassion, and understanding in their discernment.  (The ability to test the spirits is critical, no exceptions.)  Among those false people who think they are working for God they wouldn't know the devil himself if he were standing beside them.

4. They must have a good working knowledge of the scriptures and follow the rules within.  I guess I've read the Bible through 30-40 times.  At one time I could quote a pile of scriptures and tell you chapter and verse.  I can still quote a lot of them but may not be able to tell you exactly what book, chapter, and verse.  You can be sure I can find it though. The point is the laws / rules are now written in my soul.

5. Anything they preach or teach they must also live by. If they make a mistake they must be willing to try to correct that mistake.  If they accuse someone of something they must follow the protocol listed, face the one they accuse, tell them why and then allow that person to explain and defend themselves.

6. They must be able and willing to communicate with God.  That's a two way communication.  They must be able to ask God a question and wait for an answer they can understand clearly then act upon God's decision/answer even if they don't like it.  Anyone who's truly called and chosen by God knows exactly how to pose a question in prayer and get an answer.  Anyone who says God doesn't speak to people anymore is not one of God's special chosen.

> Most of God's people including all those who are called to be teachers, healers, and other things will receive messages in dreams and some of them actually know what to look for.  Before we were married I took my wife on our second date and that was to church on Sunday morning.  Aside from the man standing at the door and  the preacher in the back we were the first ones there.  We sat in the back on the left hand side and listened to the preacher singing praises and speaking in tongues.  It wasn't long before we learned the guy was carrying on a two way conversation with God. I had $2.50 (approx) and she had nothing.  I told her we can throw it all in the hat and leave it to God or we can split a burger later.  She said, "Do what ever you think is right."  I threw it all in the collection tray when it came by giving it to God.  The preacher sang and spoke in tongues again then said,  "God wants us to know we have two very special guests with us today and he wants you to have a gift."  He pulled out an envelope and sent it via usher to me.  I opened it and to my surprise it was a ticket for two full meals at a local restaurant.  I looked at her and she at me and we knew this preacher was the real thing and he could speak to God directly without waiting for a dream.  Later the church elders fired him because he was just way too good at what he did and they had secrets.

7. They must be born again and this includes the praying for the Holy Spirit, laying on of hands by someone who has the Holy Spirit.  The spirit of religion is what most people end up with because they do this process wrong.  It's sad but once a person receives the "instead of Christ" spirit they think they have the Holy Spirit, think they are saved when they aren't.  They will never again ask to receive the Holy Spirit.

As I explain this I must say I've been kicked out of 4 churches in my life and all for trying to point out simple truths to the elders or preachers.  Every church gets hung up on something for some reason.  Some say you must be baptized, submersed in water and think that's how you receive the Holy Spirit.  The Bible is clear on this, it is not sprinkling because the death, buria,l and resurrection is symbolic of being dunked.  :-)  The sides will argue but the truth is the water baptism is an act of obedience, it's symbolic and nothing more.  There's at least two ways a person can receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the one that is described in the Bible is by the laying on of hands and it passes from they who have it to those who ask for it.  The other method is of course by God's own choice.   He's God, he can save anyone he wants.  The reason I don't teach the latter is because there will be those who won't make it for one reason or another.  The best method is to follow the instructions.

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