Spooky Places Update 1-3-2013
There are several reasons why our Spooky Places TV show / video has not been completed.  I worked for days going over the data and getting videos ready.  I had computers and hard drives crash and by the time I had some of it working again I had to return to my regular jobs.

Every time I returned to the Spooky Places project it would let me work on it for a week or two then another series of problems would hit.  By the time we had those somewhat resolved it was back to my regular jobs.  Got to work to pay the bills.

Sounds crazy doesn't it?  Video and writing are my two main businesses and I do it all the time but for some reason the troubles come every time I work on things that are spirit related almost as if something doesn't want me to finish these projects.

During the past 2 years we moved from editing on the iMac in Final Cut Studio Pro to the PC using Sony Vegas 12 Pro for reasons of file compatibility.  We've come from Vegas Platinum 9 to Platinum 11 to Pro 11 and now Pro 12 during these past two years.

We now have a pair of nice HDV and HD digital cameras.  One is the little Sony hard drive camera I used in Haunted Nevada in 2008.  That was the year I got that camera.  The new one is a NXCAM HD.  It's a tiny full featured production camera and it has night vision at the touch of a button while recording making it the perfect camera for finishing the Spooky Places Project.

Once again we are tracking down and trying to recover the original MTS and other Spooky Places files and believe me this has been no fun.  I began cleaning my office searching for the missing files since the majority of those still on the iMac are in MOV format and there's no real good way to convert them back to MTS or M2T or something I can edit on a PC.  Yes I do have a file converter but it doesn't give me any good way to hold the quality of those files during the conversion process.  Vegas could do it if it would only recognize the MOV format and it doesn't.

After searching for 4 days I found backup DVD-ROMs with the Virginia City MTS files on them and began moving them to the PC.  The first disk moved just fine but the second I only got the first file from it and the PC couldn't read any of the other files.  On the third disk it got somewhere along before it hung up and the computer went into limbo!  It just sat here as if it was doing something when it wasn't.  I had to force it to shut down after while and try again to run into the same thing.  On my third try I began pulling them over one file at a time trying to see if anything could be moved and again it went into limbo.  I killed most of yesterday afternoon trying to salvage these files from my backup disks.

This morning I began thinking those MTS files were no doubt made on the iMac so I put disk 2 in there and it was able to read 6 out of 8 of the files.  Now I get to sort through the rest of those disks in the iMac and see what else I can save.  It's going to be another very long day.

Why am I doing all this you ask, because I hate leaving things unfinished.  With this new camera and some help I think we might actually finish this show.  We are planning our next trip to the Myrtle's Plantation to have a set and investigation to open and close the show with.  We have invited some friends who are experienced in paranormal investigations and some of them have accepted.

I have begun restoring as many of these files as I can to a dedicated hard drive and I'm laying out the plans to finish this show.  I intend to explain a few things in it that other shows on the subject tend to avoid since they like to use these false hits to increase the drama of the programs to keep them on the air.  Sensationalism is what keeps these shows on the air so "fact or faked" is irrelevant as long as they keep their points up there they have a job.  No reflections on the Fact or Faked show since it is finally doing things to dispel the illusion and I'm all for that.  They get it right more often than all the others despite a few shortcomings.  Let's face it they have the best production job in the world!  They get to try to reproduce a video effect and do investigations and they get paid for it!  Now that's what I call a dream job if ever their was one.

Be watching for the new Myrtle's Plantation investigation news right here in 2013!

Ghost Hunt, Myrtle Plantation, LA 2013

We are planing a new investigate the haunted Myrtle Plantation in Louisiana.

Update 1-3-2013

We have added a few new pieces of equipment to our investigation kit.  Aside from the new Sony hard drive camera that you have seen Bryon using in some of our investigations we now also have a GoPro Hero.

We have also added a brand new Sony NXCAM production camera to our equipment.  It can shoot regular 1920x1080p and switch to night vision while shooting making it an excellent choice for shooting paranormal investigations.  Another wonderful thing about it is that it is totally digital and does not use tapes.  It can also shoot for 7:09 hours straight on one battery.  It has internal 96 gig of RAM and up to SD-64 gig chip.

The NXCAM is a little bit larger (1.5x) than the hard drive camera we have been using for night vision and camera 2 work.  It has two professional canon style audio connections on the handle mount allowing full control of two audio channels with Dolby audio.  It also has low LUX in color mode and if you can see it you can shoot it.

The Hero camera has a wide field of vision, awesome colors and can be worn or set up to shoot video or take stills every so many seconds.  It doesn't do well in the dark.  It does shoot full 1080p HD video however and will be a handy thing to add to our equipment.  One main thing I like about the Hero is that it can be mounted on top of another camera so you can shoot both wide field and regular video with the two cameras.

Area 51 and Rachel, NV
We are on the road back from Rachel, NV, home of the Little Aleinn.  We had an alien burger a cold drink, shot some video while there and now we are headed back.  On the way in we stopped on Groom Lake Road.  The roadway that leads to the infamous Area 51.

We are headed back now and while my driver does his thing I'm editing this into the news page for our visitors.  No we have not seen any UFOs on this trip.

We attended The Universal Passing Over event in Vegas and had a good time.  There's news about that on the events page.

We have been having a fun time in Las Vegas, NV.  We have been eating at fun places like Margaritaville, the MGM rain forest and seeing the shows.  We are staying at The Cliffs in Peace Canyon near Red Rock.

News 3-23-2008
Thanks to our digital 8 camera's LCD going out we bought another home mini-DV camera.  I discovered the new camera can read the tapes shot in the Canon camera from 2002 and 2003.  Because of this video that was once lost to us has been recovered.

We have returned to the job of finishing Spooky Places.

We have mountains of video and pictures to sort through.  We have days upon days of editing ahead of us.  We also have at least one last paranormal investigation to do to close the show out.

Since so many others are shooting paranormal investigation shows and not explaining certain things to the viewers we have decided to do something different.  We have decided to do what they aren't doing and explain things that certain producers of paranormal shows don't want you to know.  We also intend to tell our story, the mistakes we've made and the things we've learned in the past few years.
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