There I was sound asleep in my bed when suddenly something jerked me out of my body, slammed me against the ceiling then the wall and began spinning me around until I was dizzy.  When I stopped spinning I looked down and could see my body in the bed and my wife sound asleep.  At the foot of the bed was a creature, half human and half something else, or so it appeared.  There were no cloths, but just a dark reddish colored body.  Pretty quick I took this thing to be the devil himself.  It was clear it had more power and abilities than Nata and he was nothing to mess around with.
Now I heard this gruff voice threaten me and my wife just as Nata had almost word for word.  He wanted me to leave the shadow things alone and leave his "friends" alone or he would kill me and my wife.  Please note how demons and terrorists including Islamic terrorists have the same methods of operation and the same lack of regard for life.  They produce the fruits of the spirits that inhabit them.  They will also reap what they sew.

It didn't take me long to answer.  I said "You have no authority over me, my wife or this property.  In the name of Jesus I command you to return from where you came and never return to this place."  Instantly there was a cloud at the foot of the bed and in an instant that cloud went down through the floor and vanished.  A blink of the eye later I was waking and jumping up from my bed with my heart racing.  Like other events and O.B.E.'s like this, it was not a dream.

At this point I realized I had seen and dealt with the little shadow entities that did the bidding of the demons of the underworld.  I had dealt with a being that may have been the devil himself who is in charge of all the demons of the underworld.  I knew I had a portal at the southwest edge of my house and I had to find some way to close that doorway.

All of this must sound pretty crazy to someone who's never had a direct run in with a demon or the devil but I assure you I'm telling the story as I remember it.  Yes of course I wrote it down but that was more than 20 years ago and the computer logs of those journals were lost.  Still a person doesn't forget an experience like that, and then there was my wife who I told about it when she woke up.  She remembers me telling her when it happened.  She also remembers all the strange things that were going on in our house during that time.

Why did the demon and "devil" (
if that is what it was) respond to commands in the "Name of Jesus Christ?"  Why? There's only one explanation for that and that's because there's power in that name.  I think it's a little bit more complex than that but for now we know for God's children there's power and authority in His name.  Another thing we need to know is there are ghosts and there are spirits of all kinds.  Another thing we need to realize is there are rules to every game and dealing with the paranormal is no exception.  Two factors were in place, we were the legal owners of the property and we have both spiritual rights as well as legal rights to kick someone or some thing out of our house or off of our land.

The flow of "shadow things" through the portal slowed down quite a bit but we didn't know if or when it might escalate.  We had to find some method to close that portal for good.  We did a lot of praying and meditating.  I took notes when I had bits and pieces of the information I thought was relevant.  Then one day without warning someone pulled into our yard in their little truck with a camper packed to the top.  They said "we came to help."  Indeed they had and they had an important part of the puzzle.  In three months I had the rest of the pieces of the puzzle and the solution to close a portal between this world and the underworld.  I was the only person of the group who knew what all the pieces were.  I did as I was instructed and it worked.  The flow of shadow things came to an end and the room and house returned to normal, perhaps a normal it had never known since it was built.

From what I was able to glean about it, the portal had been opened here long before the house was constructed.  Everything happened for a reason.  The man we bought the house from knew that God would send someone who could live in this house.  The things I learned from these experiences were considerable.  Not all haunted places are haunted by spirits of the dead commonly known as ghosts.  I was allowed to see ghosts in the street watching as I was in the spirit and throwing the shadow things out of the house.

UPDATE 12-14-2006:  The update on this house and that room.  We pulled up the carpet to change the floor in the southwest bedroom and we were shocked to find circular burn marks around the edges of the room.  It appears that back when this house was fairly new someone held a ritual in that room.  I took pictures of the burn marks and have them now for you to see.  See the burn marks on the floor!  I wish I could find the pictures of the drawings that were on the first layer of paint in that same room.  There was a bleeding heart with a dagger in it.  There was a snake with it's mouth open and fangs showing.  These were both on the East wall.  Under the west window was a thing that looked kinda like a mutant frog with its tongue sticking out.  On the south wall someone had taken a pencil and went around in circles until they had something that looked like a cave at the bottom left edge of the south window.


This is all very interesting but I was raised a Christian and taught there are no ghosts.  They told me the moment a person dies they either go to heaven or hell.  Someone either made a mistake and told us wrong or we were having a mass hallucination.  Of course I was aware that ghosts existed from the time I was a lad, as I have told the story.  I couldn't find any place in the Bible that said the exact things I had been told.  What I had experienced just before the moment of death for those who have the key of Heaven, two angels come for them and transport them into the Light.  When death came for my grandpa Campbell, he told me about the "men" standing at the foot of his bed.  Moments later he realized they were angels.   Grandpa died that day.  When the shadow of death came for me the same thing happened, the exception was that after they transported me to The Great City of Light to meet with the ancient of days and Jesus Christ the Lord of Light they returned me to my body.  The second time they took me an angel gave me a choice, I could remain there with them (dead in this world) or I could return.  I chose to return and tell the story of the wondrous things God had allowed me to witness.

For those who ask about who Jesus is, consider this.  If he's not the Lord God then why is he wearing the golden crown?

Gold hill is just a mile south of Virginia City, NV.  It's the place where a number of miners were killed in a fire inside of the Yellow Jacket mine.  This place is almost guaranteed to provide you with some thrills, especially if you stay in the miner's cabin.  The Miner's cabin is directly on top of the Yellow Jacket mine.  It's an original building, a building the miner's changed cloths inside of when the mine was active.  The full story of this adventure is posted on the Author's Den website.  You can access this page and story by clicking on the title above this segment.

Our team captured a very interesting EVP while staying the night in the Miner's Cabin.  This can be found on our EVP's page, linked from the main menu on this site.  This night the spirits didn't want to talk with me so I gave the small digital recorder to Sonya Lee.  My senses were telling me that we were surrounded by spirits.  Sonya asked "How many spirits are in this cabin" and the spirit answered "Twenty Five."

I left a high band 8 video camera recording when we went to bed but apparently it hit the end of a two hour tape before the action started between 4 and 6 am.

Spikes bridge the true story.
By Sarah Kelvin
"When I was young I had a BMX bike"
A ten year old boy was playing football in spikes Bridge Park on his own. I did not know when but one day on that day his ball went over the substation and green spikes are all around it.

it have been raining the night before it happened, he's been trying to figure out on how to get his ball back from behind the spikes in front of the substation. So instead of getting help or leaving the ball, he climbed the spikes and slipped on one of the sharp spikes and died instantly. I think someone witnessed this happening to the boy and called the ambulance, and ever since that day of his death legend has it he haunts the park at night.

I went to Spikes Bridge one day on my bike with my friends and one of my best friends told me that 'a ten year old boy died here' I was with my friends at the time. There's a very big steep bridge with a stream underneath, we all rid down it so fast one at a time. I went dawn last the speed felt wonderful until something stopped me. I could not hear a thing it was weird that something stopped me slowed me down. I looked round and saw an outline of a ghost with a white glow around him, I could just make out a face or something I could not believe it. It was the boy his voice was humming as if like singing it to 'me slow down, blue car' I looked down the ally in front of me and a blue car was speeding very fast down the road past the ally. I got so shocked I never been so scared in my life and that could have been me under that car. I got so scared I wet my pants and tears fell down my cheeks. Then the boy said 'your ok be safe' then I realized that ghosts are real there is another world then this world.

I could not fell my legs; he escorted me to the end of the ally. I tried to move the peddles on my bike but they won't budge. Then another car came around the corner a red car at the same speed as the first car then everything went back to normal. I saw my friends around the corner and one of them said with a worried tone of voice

What happened to you? It's like you've seen a ghost or something.  

You know the boy that died here?


He stopped me half way down the bridge. Did you see a blue and red car?

Yeah we did,

I got off my bike and I got down to my knees I cried my heart out and said he saved me! Ghosts are real their real! Thank you god,

I'm not religious, I know it sounds stupid, but it really happened to me its real ghosts are real so I told them all about it and my parents too I saw a ghost. a ghost! 

By Sarah Kelvin this happened when I was 13 and know I'm 23 I never did forget that day that freaked me right out and now I'm not so scared anymore 

Ghost Cat 10-27-2012
About two weeks back my wife was awakened at 3am by our cat Orion who at that time was 11 years old.  She took a bad step going out to feed him and hurt her foot very bad.  I had to take her to the DR first thing that morning.  I noticed the cat didn't look well either and took him to the vet.  The vet said he had a failing liver and likely had cancer so I told her put him to sleep.  There's no point in allowing an animal to suffer.

I said "well he won't be waking us anymore."  And I guess the cat must have heard me.  The night after he died I was awakened around midnight by the abrupt feeling of a cat pouncing on my chest.  I opened my eyes to see Orion seated upon me looking like he was about 3 years old and smiling at me.  I realized that just because the cat is dead doesn't mean he can't wake me.  He jumped off my chest and instalty I was waking up again!  No cat in sight.  At 3am it happened  again and this time I said "please get out of here and let me sleep."  He jumped down and went through the door and I woke again.

I told my wife about it and that Orion had returned.  I'm a sensitive and an impath.  If there is a spirit near I will likely go OBE and see it.  A few nights later I did go OBE and saw Orion seated beside the kitchen door watching me.

A few days later I was eating in the living room and saw something the color of Orion beside the table and I looked and there he was.  I didn't think anything about it as he frequently sat there while I would eat.  I looked at the TV then it hit me the cat is dead.  I looked back to see nothing there.  I asked my wife if our little dog Sophie had been up there and she said "No, she's been here all the while."

I was working at the computer and felt the cat rub up against my leg.  I looked but there was nothing there that could have caused that feeling.  It had to have been the ghost cat.

It's clear Orion has returned and intends to say with us.

More later.
There's a fun ghost story in the Ember Reign novel series.