I have pictures, GIF animations and more that will be added to this page as soon as I can.
The photo to the left appears to be an orb moving over the stairs at the Gold Hill Hotel in Nevada.  This little town is just one mile south of Virginia City, NV.  The hotel is built upon the Yellow Jacket mine where over 40 miners were killed in a fire.  The hotel has several ghosts that roam the halls, one of them is associated with the smell of blended pipe tobacco.  This ghost is known as "William" and is frequently noticed on the staircase that links the middle floor with the downstairs.  During our investigation we smelled the pipe tobacco on the staircase several times and captured images of an orb in still shot and video.  To watch the GIF animation click here and to watch the full DVD quality video click on the link on the picture to the left.  Please remember the full DVD quality video is large and takes awhile to download.  It shows more than the animated GIF image does but takes longer to load.
Large File!
Full DVD Quality

This video is high band width for fast DSL or cable connections.  It is best to download, right click and save target to your hard drive then view it from the hard drive.

The video was shot by Barry Conrad for his production of "A Unexplained Encounter."  I've written him asking permission to use this clip but he doesn't answer my Emails. I posted the link and video anyway giving him full credit.
Entire video segment from "Ghosts of Piper's" shot in the very haunted Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, NV.  This was shot by Bryon Smith of Loose Canon Productions for Victoria Monroe.
There's a fun ghost story in the Ember Reign novel series.