I'll post a few UFO video links on this page and eventually post a few comments for each.
At first we wonder what the lights are flying near the sandstorm.  UFOs for sure at this range.  Then we notice the flashing strobe light on the one, similar to an aircraft strobe.  As we watch the object lights up on both sides, it does not look like a known aircraft anymore and it certainliy isn't afraid of the storm that would kill any small aircraft.

I can't tell you what it is but I can tell you flying a small aircraft into that  would be a very bad idea.
This man describes his experience with interdimensional beings and how he was taken in a beam of light into their ship.

I know it sounds fantastic but I've heard interviews with people who say they have witnessed these ships literally appear out of nowhere and vanish again the same way.  Some of these were highly credible military people.  One of these craft appeared near Bentwater's RAFB in the UK.
I've never seen a blimp like this one and never seen a blimp that could vanish.  It's clearly a blimp, or intended to look like one.

I know of two news reporters who claim they saw a flying tractor trailer flying over the trees so close they could see the rivets in it.  It also vanished without a trace.

It seems that someone out there can create images in the sky that defy human logic.
Don't blink or you will miss this one but it's clear to see the person running the camera saw it when it happened.

Fast moving UFO moves from right to left very quickly.
This collection of UFOs is one of my favorites.
Check it out!