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If you have made it this far then likely you've read UFO pages 1 and 2 on this site.  There's nothing quite like having a close encounter of your own to change your entire perspective on certain subjects, this happens to be one of those subjects.

Those who know me or who have read my novels understand that I write a science fiction fantasy novel series that isn't all fact but isn't all fiction either and within those pages I write things as fiction that are based on truth.  The progress and development of human made 'UFO's / black triangles is in my novels along with secret missions to Mars to learn what happened there.  Certain government entities are aware there were civilizations on Mars long before humans came to Earth.  There was a great war and life on Mars was literally destroyed.  If the knowledge of this were made public quite a few historical and religious manuscripts would become null and void.  Others would need a serous rewrite to bring them up to date with real facts.

The history books the teachers teach from today are full of fiction because the victor writes the history.  J.F.K. was in fact assassinated   by thugs / snipers hired by L.B.J. under the direction of a hand full of very wealthy powerful men.  George W. Bush was part of that plan.  9-11 wasn't accomplished by foreign terrorists, it was directed by the most powerful people on the planet.  A group of people who create wars when they want and end them when they choose.  They direct our political figures to do the things they do at risk of their own lives and that of their families.  Yes 9-11 was in an inside job.  The people who got onto the jet liners that "vanish" were CIA plants.  The jets that took their places were NAVY sub hunters and they were drones, not one person inside any of them.  Totally remote controlled.  That ridge down the belly is for detecting magnetic anomalies which is how they locate submarines deep in the ocean.  The Pentagon was hit by a small white cruse missile.  The same thing happened in Pennsylvania.  The one in Pennsylvania dropped pieces of aluminum all the way across Indian Lake far past the 'crash sight' where the cruse missile actually hit.  All this was covered up quite completely and was never reported on the national news.  Why not you ask? Because the same people who were behind these events own the national news outlets.  The only news outlets they don't own have likely been warned to avoid certain subjects.  OANN isn't owned by the power mongers but is afraid to say "9-11 was an inside job."  Just like the other news media they say it was an act of foreign terrorism, and it wasn't.

Now that you know how these people operate you should also know these are the same people who control information about aliens and alien craft and technology.  What do they want?  Money, power and control of the entire world just like Hitler wanted.  You might say "No one in their right mind would want to control the world."  You would be correct because these people aren't in their right minds, not even near normal.  These are narcissist sociopaths.  They are highly intelligent but they have some serous flaws they themselves are unable to recognize.  They have made contact with alien beings that can't be trusted.  They trade secrets and human lives for technology just as Hitler did for the very same reasons.  This is why the subject of UFOs and alien beings have never officially been made public.  If the truth about them were known you would also understand how certain "entities" were able to enter secret societies such as the Knights Templar and the Free Masons who originally were created for good to help people.

Many Have Had Close Encounters With UFOs and Some Have Had Direct Contact With Alien Beings.

Certainly many 1000's of people have witnessed UFOs / alien craft as well as hybrid and new human made gravity wave ships up close enough to know it wasn't a conventional craft.  In 1970 a friend and I stood within a few steps of a 30' disk hovering over Rt. 100 within the town limits of Pearl, IL.  Daniel Fry testified to the fact he had met and spoke with an alien who looked very much like us over 60 years ago.  I met the mother and father of a kid who said he rode with the "spacemen" in that same craft that my friend and I had seen up close.  That story is on my SpookyPlaces.net website.  There's more to the story than I can share here but he said these aliens look just like we do and if you saw them on the street dressed as we do you wouldn't know who they were.  This is just one of the species living here and watching the earth at this time.

John Lear, if you are reading this I ran ParaNet TAU and messaged with you, Bill Cooper and a few others back then before we had the Internet.  Bill was murdered for telling the truth not just about the government's involvement with aliens but also for warning about 9-11.  Someone with powerful influence simply pointed at Bill and said "terrorist" and the puppets under their command shot him and his wife at their home, killing both.  That's the kind of people who are actually in charge running political and governmental circles in the USA.  Truth is the worst most dangerous terrorists are running the US and influencing certain other countries in the same way.  These are literally a hand full of the richest people on the planet along with MAJ.  (AKA Majestic)

This is old news now but they did back engineer the alien craft, built hybrids at first and are now building a fleet of entirely human made gravity wave craft many of which are small black triangles.  These are the craft seen by 100's in the Miami, OK area some of these sightings were literally seen hovering low over people's homes watching them.  Can they go to Mars?  Yes they can and likely they have multiple times.  When the director of JPL retired in the early 90s he said "We all ready have the technology to go to the stars."  They have the technology to cure all kinds of incurable illnesses now to but they won't allow that science into public knowledge or access because that's not part of the agenda, at least not yet.  When they do however a great planet wide change will take place in business and political circles.  They will say it's for the good of all but what they aren't going to say is there's always a secret agenda and it's not for the good of all, but rather for the benefit of the few.
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Bryon has done UFO related research since his close encounter with a 30' disk in 1970.  Over the years he's uncovered information that certain 'entities' wish to keep secret.  He shares some of this information on this page.