Update: Laura and I did a pre-investigation at the Washoe Club the night we arrived and had a strange experience.  The camera went off and some really strange LOUD growling sound came over the headphones.  I tried to walk away from the noise thinking it may be in the area where I was but it didn't leave.  I told a man standing there "you've got to hear this!"  I handed him the head phones and he listened then began to cry a bit and said it was his dead brother trying to send him a message.  I have no way to verify anything, all I heard was the noise and it wasn't even recorded because the camera stopped recording.

We have finished the investigation/TV show.  We've been viewing video and checking audio.  We did get some EVPs.  We have a lot of material to go through.  We had problems in transit for home and the biggest lay over was at DFW as they had to replace both autogyros in our S80 before we could leave.

We bought brand new luggage in Reno and the AA luggage apes nearly destroyed our largest bag.  The luggage system failed at Northwest Arkansas airport costing us another hour.

We are working with video and audio files now.  Expect updates to our pages here soon.

Check back frequently to see what's new.
My friend licensed psychic medium Vickie worked with us on Ghosts of Piper's investigation that was made into a video made for cable and DVD.  We worked as a team during this investigation.  I am pleased to be working with her again.
Since 2003 actress, investigator Victoria has been a good friend of mine. Since we worked together on her show "Ghosts of Piper's" in 2003 at the haunted Piper's Opera house.

Kathy works with the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Conference since its inception five years ago. She also served as an impartial observer to KTVN's 2007 Haunted Nevada series during investigations at Goldfield Hotel, Tonopah World War II Air Base and Cal Neva Resort. See details click on the picture.

Vickie Gay works with the FBI and law enforcement services.  She scored so highly on her NSAC membership certification exam she is among the most gifted psychic mediums in the world.
St. Mary's Art Center
Laura (right) attends a séance conducted by psychic medium Vickie Gay (center).  Kathy Berry from TTMC (left) Victoria Monroe (behind Laura).  Location St. Mary's Art Center, Virginia City, NV.

During this event the EMF meters began to flash indicating the presence of a electromagnetic field in the room.

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) were captured during this investigation.

Team group photos.
Left to Right: Jeff Foss, Kinsey Brown, Bill Brown, Victoria Monroe, Kathy Berry, Vickie Gay,
Bryon Smith, Laura Smith

Virginia City from St. Mary's Art Center looking West.
Click the image to see larger view.

Kinsey Brown with Megan McClure.
They helped during the investigation by running the EMF meters and sometimes by running an IR video camera.
Kathy & Vickie
Jeff videos segment with Vickie
Vickie and Victoria view grave of recognized psychic medium of Virginia City, NV.
There's more to update and upload.
I'm working on it.

Aug. 18-19th 2008
There's a fun ghost story in the Ember Reign novel series.